The Upper Norwood Temperance Band
Foundation Meetings 1900

The Minutes of the Upper Norwood Total Abstinence Society Committee. October 26th 1900

  • That this meeting approve of the formation of a Brass Band to be called the "Upper Norwood Temperance Brass Band" in connection with the Upper Norwood Total Abstinence Society.
  • That the Society shall at no time ever assume any financial liability in connection with the Band.
  • That the instruments be the property of the society held in trust by the Treasurer of the Band.
  • That the Treasurer and five of the twelve Executive Committee of the Band be annually elected by the Society.
  • That every member and every official of the Band be a Total Abstainer.
  • That the Band renders assistance in the work and aims of the Society without expense to the Society.
  • That the society make a grant of 10 toward the purchase of the instruments, provided no instruments be purchased, during the first year until 50% of the gross cost can be paid for
  • The following gentlemen were chosen by the Society to represent the Society on the Band Committee viz:
    Messrs W. Keeping, A. Moss, Mr Hudson, Mr Paxton Snr, Mr Rawlings, Mr Martin
  • The following gentlemen represent the playing members of the Band on the Committee:
    Messrs M.Camplin, G Woolverson, W.Pickering, W.Grayson, C.Mills, W.Jackman, D.E.Paxton Jnr
Signed - Chairman - W.W. Grant - Jan 22nd 1901

Meeting of the Committee & Band in a room adjoining St Andrews at 7.15 pm 20th November 1900

Present; W.Keeping, A.Moss, W Jackman, N.Bennett, Rawlings, C.Mills, A.Grant, F.Grant, W.Grant M.Camplin, Keene, S.Greenwood, Grayson. Paxton Jnr, Congran, Hudson, Paxton Snr, Blomfield, S Knight

The resolutions of the UNTAS meeting on 26th Oct 1900 were proposed by W.W.Grant, seconded by S.W.Knight and after being put to the meeting were carried unanimously.
It was then proposed by Blomfield that Mr W.Grant and Mr S.Knight should go and see Mr F.C.Walters about taking over the duties of Treasurer.

Meeting of the Committee at 8.30 pm 29th November 1900 Mr W.W. Grant in the chair

Present; Msrs Bloomfield, Walton, Paxton Snr, paxton Jnr, Jackman, Moss, Mills, Grayson, Hudson, Camplin, Woolvon, Pickering, Keeping, Grant, Knight.
  • Vote of thanks to Mr F.C.Walters for consenting to be Treasurer
  • That a letter and collecting cards be printed
  • That in the event of the band not being formed all subscriptions will be returned less pro rata out of pocket expenses.
The following rules were then read separately and carried by the Committee
  1. That the band be called The Upper Norwood Temperance Brass Band in connection with the Upper Norwood Total Abstinence Society
  2. That the objects of the band be those of the Society:- The assisting in the Temperance and Religious interests of the neighbourhood, and the cultivating of the musical abilities of working men.
  3. That all officials of the Band be total abstainers and that all playing members be enrolled members of the U.N.T.A.S.
  4. That no one be admitted as a playing member until approved by this committee upon prior recommendation of the conductor.
  5. That the practice be held every evening from 7.45 to 10 o'clock when the Secretary will call the roll and book those present, each member to pay threepence per week whether attending or not.
  6. That the instruments be the property of the Society held in trust by the Treasurer of the Band who shall be appointed by the Society
  7. That the President and six of the thirteen members of the Executive Committee be appointed by the Society.
  8. That President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Conductor, Sub-Conductor and Secretary be ex officio members of this Committee.
  9. That each playing member before joining the band be required to enter into a bond (6d stamp) pledging himself to Total Abstinence from all alcoholic drinks as beverages, to regard the instrument as the property of the Society, to refrain from using it except in connection with the Band (unless written sanction be first secured from the Conductor and Secretary) and conform to the rules and regulations now in or which may hereafter be in existence.
  10. That the members of the Band at all times to be amateur playersand receipts of every kind to be always at once paid to the Treasurer whose receipt should be secured
  11. That the Treasurer open an account with the London South Western Bank, weston Hill, in the name of the U.N.T.B.B.
  12. That no instrument be purchased or other expense incurred without the written consent of the Treasurer
  13. The Committee may expel any member for misconduct, for systematic non-attendance, for being in arrears in contributions, or if he shows such stubborness to learn that the conductor may consider him not musically gifted enough to become a good playing member
  14. That the Secretary of the U.N.T.A.S be immediateky informed of any alterations in these rulesand that the committee of the Society at all times have power to rescind, modify or extend the rules of this Band
  15. That each member of the Band have a copy of these rules