British "Brass" simply has fun on the High Street
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British "Brass" simply has fun on the High Street
"I wonder who is playing over there?" asked the people wandering along Maximilianstrasse yesterday afternoon. A German Oompah band? Not at all.

The "Crystal Palace Band" were sat in front of the Alten Munz and gave the best of "Purely English Brass". But, said Roger Clements, in conversation with the Tagespost, we decided to open with a bit of German "Oompah and March" music so as to give the audience something they would be familiar with.

Then, changing rather quickly through a variety of musical styles more familiar to this amateur . band, they progressed to what Clements confirmed was "Acid House Rock". Of course the brass version of this is rather more tame than the Disco-Mix.

Yesterday, the 33 musicians blew their glistening instruments with audible and visible pleasure, and all for free. "Simply for the fun of it", explained Clements. They are a group of amateurs from South London that meet each Wednesday to have musical fun. Frequently they participate in competitions and this year "we won a number of cups" said Clements.

42 musicians are normal, but on this current trip not all the players could come. There are even a few Australians that play with the Crystal Palace Band. "These are people that work in England" explained Clements.

The appearance in Speyer was arranged by the group themselves in the early part of the year. This was as a result of a spontaneous visit to the Cultural and Tourist Office Chief, Bruno Cloer, concerning permission to perform. No problem, explained Cloer - and as a result the people of Speyer got a free concert. Matthias Folz from the Child and Youth Theatre took care of the setting up of the chairs and so the band were able to start.

The happy Britons had immersed themselves in the region, visited different wine festivals, played at the Pfalzer Weindorfofthe Technik Museum and were heading off in the evening to the Worms Backfischfest. One of their chief pleasures is to "have many beers".

Since coming to Speyer the Crystal Palace Band have decided that they want to return, hopefully next year. "There is so much to do here" they all agreed. The Cathedral had particularly delighted them - and, of course, the audience.