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The British Bandsman

January 12th 1902

 Association Notes

By "X Rays"

Upper Norwood Temperance Prize Band. - I had the pleasure of attending quite recently the practice of this band which may be termed the "baby" of the Association, as it was only formed in January last, and was greatly impressed with the progress they have made. They received their instruments (a full set of Besson's Class A) on January 24th 1901, and met for their first practice on January 31st. Since that time they have been averaging five practices a fortnight, which is a marked contrast to the usual experience of London bands who have only one practice a week, and a poor one at that.

Their President is C. E. Tritton, Esq., M.P., who has shown the great interest he feels in the band in a most gratifying manner. He has several times informed the members when he has been at their meetings that he is proud to be president of such a band. The Vice-Presidents are the Rev. J. G. Train, F. E. Campbell, Esq., L.L.D (Principal of the Royal Normal College), W. F. A. Archibald, Esq., J. Beddow, Esq., Rev. T. B. Nicholson, L.L.D., and F. Fielder, Esq. The band is to be heartily congratulated on having such good supporters, who have shown the most practical interest they possibly could by advancing one half of the cost of the instruments, free of all interest, so that the band could pay off Messrs. Besson.

They have been fortunate enough to secure a number of engagements from the Crystal Palace Company, their performances having given the greatest satisfaction, and they assist in the services at St Andrew's Church, Norwood, on the first Sunday in each month. They are also well alive to the needs of others and gladly give their services whenever a demonstration or carnival is held for the benefit of widows and orphans or any charitable purpose.

They have during their first season attended three contests and secured a prize at each place, viz., Tottenham, Crystal Palace Temperance Fete, and the Association contest at the Palace on November 30th last. They give a remarkably clean performance, good attack being one of their strong points. The band is fortunate in having such good workers, and when it was formed by the Upper Norwood Temperance Society, Mr W. W. Grant was appointed bandmaster, and it is undoubtedly owing to his energy, tact and personal interest that the band has reached its present position. The sub-conductor is Mr T. Wood, a euphonium player of no mean ability. The professional conductor is Mr J. Pemberton, and the secretary, Mr S. W. Knight. Mr Knight is one of the most able secretaries I have ever met, and it is certainly to his credit that the local interest has been maintained so well. There is every prospect of this band having a very great future, and will certainly require watching, not only by second section bands, but also by those of the first section.