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Crystal Palace Progress Band

The Crystal Palace Progress Band was original formed in 1995 as the Training Band with just a handful of players and a few spare band instruments. Since then it has grown to a group of up to 20 players ranging from youngsters aged about 10 to 'youngsters' past retiring age. It caters for a wide range of musical abilities from the reasonably good to the absolute beginner. It still offers an entry point to banding for people with no playing experience of brass instruments since lessons can be arranged for absolute beginners

First Concert 1996 (click for enlargement)

Although the Progress Band undertakes some engagements each year, it does not have the full programme of the main band. It is therefore able to accommodate good players who may not feel able to give the commitment of time that membership of the main band involves. The Progress Band already includes some good standard players and would welcome more. A number of former Band players are now established members of the main band.

Some Progress Band members are often invited to join in with the main band in one or two of their engagements.

The main band now has a new set of instruments and some are available for Progress Band players. There are always opportunities for players to join the Progress Band. Currently we are looking for Bass and Soprano Cornet players but players of any brass band instrument will be made welcome.

In 2007 we took part in the National Brass Band competition qualifying contest at Stevenage. This was our first appearance in a brass band contest.

The Progress Band rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 6.30 - 8pm, at the Crystal Palace Museum. Click for details.
If you would like to find out more about the Progress Band, email Margaret Larkin or phone on 0208 6537537