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Hear the Band - Short Music Clips

Swiss Tour 2010 YouTube Selection The Floral Dance
"Bandstand Busking"

Meltdown Festival
YouTube 2010

Bohemian Rhapsody

Meltown Festival
YouTube 2010
Penny Lane

Meltown Festival
YouTube 2010
Ticket to Ride

Meltown Festival
YouTube 2010


2.3 megs mp3 file
Singin' In The Rain
Nacio Herb Brown
arr. Alan Fernie
.520 k mp3 file
"The Spitfire"

William Walton
arr. D E Twitchings
480K mp3 file

Death or Glory

R B Hall
505K mp3 file
Clog Dance
John Marcangelo
arr. B Charleson
501K mp3 File
  Mack and Mabel
Jerry Herman
arr. Keith Wilkinson
617K mp3 file

Be A Clown
Cole Porter,
arr. Alan Fernie
880K mp3 file
The Great Escape
Elmer Bernstein
arr. Pegram
540K mp3 file
Derek Bourgois
440K mp3 file

Concert Recordings

'Meet the Band'
Auld Lang Syne
arr. Michael Gray
5 Megs mp3 file
  March of the Peers
Arthur Sullivan
5 Megs mp3 file