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Band News 2013
Picture Galleries - Sanderstead - Hever - Kensington - Herne Hill - Brass Unbound - Belmont - Bonfire & Brass

'Bonfire & Brass' - Progress Band - 16th November

Picture Gallery
'Brass Unbound' - October 5th

A Great evening at Copleston Church featuring the Main Band, the Progress Band and members of the Bollywood Brass Band.
Many thanks, firstly to the Reverend Paul Collier for making his Church available for our concert and secondly,. to the ladies of the parish for preparing the interval buffet.
Picture Gallery
Herne Hill Market - September 1st

Last of the Summer Jobs, in aid of the forthcoming Herne Hill Music Festival.
Picture Gallery
Kensington Gardens - July 21st

The Band were priveliged to be asked to play on the Bandstand as part of the celebrations to mark the Centenary of the Aston Martin Car Company.
An excellent day, four half hour slots in glorious warm(!) & sunny weather.
Pictures - Aston Martin Centenary Video
June Concert Pictures
Sanderstead Hever Castle
June 22nd June 23rd

The Contest Season
Area - Stevenage - 16th March - Third Section

Section Results
- Provisional Grading Table

SCABA Entertainments - Crawley - 19th May - Section B