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Band News 2005
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Winter(10) - Spring(11) - Summer(12) - Autumn(13) - Winter (14)

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Stevenage - Hove - Weston - Clapham - Bickley - Southwark -Norton - Greenwich - Wedding - Set1 - Set 2 - Reception
Kensington - Parliament Hill - Roger Clements Memorial Concert Set 1 - Set 2 - Marylebone - St Christopher's Service

Rachel's birthday 15th May Chris and Glenda's Wedding Chloe Hartwell Roger B & Janet

Carols By Candlelight - Tuesday 13th December
For the Parkinson's Disease Society

"Hundreds enjoy annual PDS Carols by Candlelight", accompanied by the Band.
Read all about it and the celebrities who supported the event on the PDS site. And read the essentials of a letter of thanks to the band from Claire Walker, their Events Manager. An evening to be remembered! Photos.
Donations to St Christopher's
With 1,477 collected from the Christmas concert, 676 from the Roger Clements Memorial Concert and a further 500 donated by CPB members following Roger C's funeral, the band has raised 2,623 for St Christopher's Hospice in 2005.
A fantastic achievement! This makes a grand total of 7,599 raised for this wonderful charity since the Centenary concert in 2001. Thanks to the Band for all their hard work.
And we played at the Remembrance Tree Service on 4th December. Click for pictures.
Christmas Concert - Saturday 3rd December
Another successful concert was had by all! Many thanks to the Gwalia Male Voice Choir conducted by Janet Haney, our band members conducted by Mike Gray, soloists Emma Gray (Soprano) and James Gordon (Principal Cornet), all the many helpers who made the evening go so smoothly and, of course, those of you in the audience who supported us on the night. We look forward to seeing you again next year.
Roger Clements Memorial Concert - Saturday 22nd October
A wonderful evening and over 900 (676 net of expenses) was collected for St Christopher's Hospice.We did Roger proud!
Read Janet's letter of thanks to all the band. And do browse the many wonderful tributes published on the Guestbook from Roger's family and friends.
The actual Concert Programme is published, courtesy of Chris Atkins.

Chloe Anne Hartwell ... Welcome To The World
Many congratulations to Carolynne and Steve Hartwell (our baritone player) on the birth of their daughter Chloe.
The baby was born at 9pm on 5th August and she weighed 5lbs-10 oz. Wonderful news!
Have a look at a few pictures of the lovely new baby.
Summer Programme
The summer concert season is now finally over following some very busy weekends in June and July.
Our concerts have includied an 'Open Garden' day in Bickley, a nostalgic 'Home Front Recall' concert at Beckenham (newspaper review) and a concert at the 'Norton Flower Festival in the beautiful Kent countryside. Many thanks to Paul Newman, a past secretary of the band, for sponsoring this concert. We also played at Chris and Glenda's wedding on the 2nd July. Chris Atkins has been a member of the band, on and off, for many years past. We wish Chris and Glenda every hapiness for the future.
Click on our picture galleries above for a few photos
There is still time this year for you to hear us at Horniman Gardens on December 11th. Visit our performances page.
The Contest Season
Weston - 15th May
4th from seven bands - First three bands listed on 4 Bars Rest. We were not quite in the prizes, but the Band 'Sand Fort' was certainly worthy of the Weston Sandcastle Award. Click to see the fine quality of the architecture!

Hove - 24th April
5th Place at the SCABA Spring Contest - Click for results, courtesy of SCABA.

Stevenage - March 20th
At the 'Regionals' on , the Band came 4th from 13 competing bands in the Second Section. The hard work that the band had put in over the last few weeks really paid off. There is a good chance of promotion to the 1st Section next year (see grading tables). Roger Clements would have been proud of the band! Well played indeed! Click for results or the link to 4barsrest Second Section review.

Ringmer - 13th February
The band started the 2005 Contest Season by participating in the 112th SCABA Quartet/Ensemble contest at Ringmer Community College, East Sussex with one quartet coming third in the 1st section..
Go to the SCABA site for Results.
Roger Clements

On 24th February, we lost our our dearly loved Chairman and longest serving Band Member,
Roger Clements. May he rest in peace. Our thoughts are with Janet at this sad time.
Click for obituaries in the Newsletter and read the many tributes on the Guestbook

Janet would like to express her thanks to the band, her friends and her family for the generous donations in Roger's memory. Click for her letter of 12th April 2005 and the letter of thanks to her from St Christophers;

As ever, keep an eye on our performances page for THE up-to-date list of forthcoming engagements by the band (accept no substitutes !).

The Band operates an open door policy at rehearsals and cornet players would be particularly welcome. If you are interested in coming along to a rehearsal, please contact the band secretary, Rachel Bleach.