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Band News 2007
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October 2006 (16) - Spring 2007(18)

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B Contest Broadstairs B Band Macauley School B Band Clapham Greenwich
Cadet Parade Whit Friday B Band Sanderstead Guy's Campus Norton
Canbury Gdns. Antwerp Folkestone Horniman Cuttings

Wedding Bells
Back row cornet stalwart and committee member Catherine Lord is getting married on New years Eve.
Many congratulations Catherine from all the band. We wish you and Jon every happiness for the future and hope you can come back to us from Singapore soon.
Maggie Stallybrass has written a poem to celebrate your day.

Westminster Cathedral - 12th December

Over 1500 guests attended the 26th Parkinson's disease Society Christmas Carol Concert on Wednesday 12 December - the biggest audience in the event’s history.
We were priveleged to be part of this wonderful event!
More on this news story. from the Parkinson's Society Website.
Gala Concert - 1st December

Rehearsal with guest singer, Kait Gray

Another Successful evening with over £1,000 raised for St Christophers.
Many thanks to all our supporters who gave so generously on the day. We hope you enjoyed the music!
SCABA Autumn Contest
14th October

Results from the SCABA site
Antwerp - August 24th to 27th

A fabulous trip! All went smoothly thanks to Vivianne Staplehurst, brother-in-law Paul Smith, Mike Gray and many others in the band.
Click for Maggie's report and click here for some pictures from the trip.
Canbury Gardens 5th August

Real summer weather at last!
A glorious day and a large audience enjoying the sunshine, the river and, hopefully, our music!
Thanks to Andy Callard for conducting us for the day as Mike Gray enjoys his holiday in the US.
Brass Day at the Proms 28th July

Jenny Lunn, our trombone player, writes;
The Band was represented at the Proms on 28 July which was BRASS DAY. Clare Lipscombe and a contingent of Stallybrasses were in the audience and Jenny Lunn appeared with 120 other brass players performing a newly-commissioned work by Peter Wiegold called “He is armoured without”. As with many modern compositions, it was hardly a tuneful piece that you could whistle along to but rather more of a 3-D sound experience. There were trumpets round the 360 degrees of the gallery, tubas emerged from below the floor and encircled the standing prommers, the trombones were high up on the stage, two brass bands sat amongst the audience in the stalls, Uzbek trumpeters and trumpeters from the Coldstream Guards (all in ceremonial garb) faced each other across the hall. Add to this the strings and percussion of the BBC Phil (including the biggest bass drum in London) on stage and two soloists in the middle of the arena. The rest of the Prom included performances by Black Dyke and Grimethorpe as well as a variety of other works all on a brass theme. It was certainly a noisy day out, but great to see brass being given a profile at the Proms. For photographs see http://www.simonjaypricephotography.com/portfolio18448.html

Greenwich - 15th July
An excellent band turnout and a good selection of music for this 'double' concert.
We were still waiting for Summer however.
We lost most of our large appreciative audience at the halfway interval as the heavens opened! Pictures.

Norton Flower Festival - 1st July
Many thanks to Paul Newman for inviting us to play in this most delightful venue, right in the heart of some beautiful Kent countryside.
The weather was relatively kind, just a few spots and the afternoon ended in glorious sunshine.
Congratulation to Zoe and Isabel Bleach on their birthday! The selection of cakes was unbelievable, prepared by the local villagers..
Unfortunately, Zoe reports the sad death of Freddie, the goldfish. Freddie was about 3 years old, a prize won at Myatts Field Park in 2004.

Kings College Hospital Open day- 23rd June

This was a new job for the band, played at Guy's Campus, in the heart of the capital, at London Bridge. Rain threatened but did not fall in anger until the job was finished. We played a quiet first half as the event opened. The second half went with a bang, with an appreciative audience joining in all the fun of the day. Many thanks for the invite to play, we hope to see you next year!
Pictures courtesy of Piers Allardyce with a couple from Roger M.

Broadstairs - 13th May
A washout! With the rain pouring down and an audience of only two dedicated ladies covered by Mackintoshes, this job was abandoned. What a pity. We normally have a great day out in Broadstairs

The Contest Season
Whit Friday Marches- 1st June 2007
This was a great contest!
Click for Clare's report and an extended Picture Gallery. from Mike Gray, Roger Bleach, Jenny Lunn and Catherine Stallybrass, plus some 'Professional' shots, sent in by Maggie.
Contest Rank Entries
Delph 50 84
Dobcross 50 61
Greenfield 50 67
Lydgate 45 66
Uppermill 31 59
Official Results.

Hove - SCABA - 22nd April

Third Place for both test piece and march. Details from the SCABA site. and Results Sheet

- Area - March 18th/19th
Section Placings from the LSC Page. Provisional Grading Tables.
Main Band - First Section - Our second contest after promotion to the First Division.
B Band - Fourth Section - Our first time entry!